Ping Pong Tables - Long Island

At Platinum Billiards of Long Island, we have much more than just pool tables to meet all of your gaming needs. Customers can equip their game rooms with foosball tables, air hockey tables, and arcade games. Players have plenty to choose from for entertainment at kids parties and corporate events. We carry the best variety of quality games and equipment in the Long Island area.


We sell and service game tables for ping pong and table tennis to customers all over the Long Island, NY area. Ping pong tables are a great addition to the family game room, golf rooms, entertainment facility, bar, or any recreation center, and we have models for everyone regardless of skill level or price range. Ping pong tables are a great alternative when pickleball courts are rained out.

Ping pong tables promise years of fun and make a great Christmas or birthday gift. Whether you are looking for a ping pong table to casually pass the time or a pro model for tournaments, we have the selection and experience to get you the perfect ping pong table, pool table, air hockey table, or even arcade game.


We are local to West Babylon here on Long Island, New York, and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service, best experience, and best products to our friends and neighbors. Stop in at our Sunrise Hwy location for an information visit.

Ping Pong Table Models

What should you look for in a ping pong table?

First, think about location.

Will the ping pong table be placed indoors or outdoors? Outdoor tables should be sturdy and rust-proof to hold up to all the rain here on Long Island. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies to game tables, as it can cause them to warp. Owners of indoor ping pong tables often prefer folding tables to save space.

Consider Skill Levels

A professional player can justify the price of a high-end table, while a family who will pull the table out for occasional game nights might prefer a more affordable selection of ping pong tables. Ping Pong tables can range in price from a hundred dollars to several thousand, and experience can dictate what you are willing to spend.

Remember Safety

Because kids love ping pong, it’s important to ensure the have a good experience. Tables with corner protectors guard against bumps and scrapes. One of the most important features is a ping pong table that won’t suddenly come unfolded – see if you notice this precaution or ask our owner, manager, or a staff member. For kids, tables that will withstand food and drink spills is a good idea.

After considering player experience, price range, and where you will place the table, surface thickness is the biggest consideration in choosing ping pong tables.

Ping Pong Tables on Long Island, NY

Platinum Billiards is the best place for ping pong tables on Long Island due to our dedicated team, extensive knowledge and experience, and the selection of tables we carry. Whether you own a recreational facility or just want to occupy the family, we can promise a result a business owner or individual will appreciate.


We are happy to help our Long Island, NY neighbors find the ping pong tables that will keep them entertained and smiling for years.

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