Pool Table Refelting Long Island

Keep a Pool Table Looking Great in Long Island

A billiard table or pool table is the focal point of the game room, and you want to make sure to keep yours looking and working its best. Every pool table suffers from wear and tear, and with their many sensitive parts, new and used pool tables can be susceptible to damage. Regular pool table service can keep your table clean and attractive, and for more serious concerns, you can trust the pool table pros at Platinum Billiards of Long Island.

We are pool table movers and pool table installers with many years experience and unflagging customer service. We can help with pool table repair of any kind, anywhere in the Long Island area.


Types of Pool Table Cloth

Whether you own a new or used pool table, you might find yourself with the need or desire to replace the cloth. Pool table felt is susceptible to damage from tears and spills, and there’s no feeling like a game on fresh cloth. If your cloth is old and worn, pool balls won’t roll as well. Or perhaps you want the felt to match the decor of your home game room. Either way, we would be happy to help you select new pool table cloth, and we have extensive experience refelting pool tables and billiard tables.


What do you need to know about pool table cloth? Pool table cloth or pool table felt is usually a combination or wool and nylon. Pool table felt comes in many different brands and colors, but there are two basic types:


Worsted pool table felt is consider by many to be superior. It promotes a faster play of ball and is more durable, though more expensive.


This pool table felt is a loop weave and has a nap. It requires a little more brushing and maintenance, but it’s a less expensive choice for the casual billiard player or to refurbish used pool tables, but make sure to keep it free from dust.


If your table needs to be recovered, you’ve come to the right place. We recover pool tables all over the Long Island, New York, and the surrounding areas and we carry top brand pool tables and cloth or felt to match your decor, play style, experience level, and budget. No one in NY can beat us for quality workmanship and customer care.

Other Common Pool Table Repairs

Our pool table repair service is one of the most experienced in Long Island, New York. We can restore your pool or billiard table to its former glory by repairing a cracked piece slate, a loose rail or cushion, cracked legs, and of course recovering a billiard table surface.

Call our business to learn more about our repair services here on Long Island, NY.


Long Island Pool Table Services

Professional pool table moving is as important to a billiard or pool table’s care as regular upkeep. Pool tables can easily become unbalanced during transport, and slate can crack, and if the table needs to be taken apart, it can take many hours to reassemble it properly. Hiring pool table movers can save you both time and money.

At Platinum Billiards of Long Island, our business is dedicated to serving our friends and neighbors here in Long Island, New York, and we can guarantee you will get our absolute best each day.

Call us today for pool table moving, pool table repair, sales, assembly, and installation. We are one of the most trusted pool table movers and pool table installers in the Long Island, New York area.