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We have various types of types of pool table available like The Oak Knight, The “Black Knight”, The Silver Knight

We carry all major shuffleboards such as Extera, Coventry, Georgetown, Woodbridge, Montauk, Saybrook, Switchback, Telluride, St. Lawrence, Charles River, Brazos River, Santa Fe and Columbia.

We stock all types of complete ball sets and carry replacement individual balls as well as cleaners and polishes to keep your set in top shape

Professional Pool Table Services Long Island

The average cost of a new pool table is between 1200 and 3500. Considering that a new pool table from Walmart even costs around $700, it’s safe to say you want to keep it in excellent shape for years to come. Whether it’s a new, custom pool table or it was your grandfathers pride and joy, professionals are required to keep them looking good and functional.

Types Of Pool Table Service

This Long Island pool table business offers the help of knowledgeable professionals that will get the job done right. The services we offer are

Pool Table Moving
Pool Table Felt
Pool Table Repair

Why Professional Pool Table Service is a Must

Long Island pool table owners have choices when it comes to finding a business to move and repair their pool tables and gaming furniture. Choose one with not only years of experience and an unparalleled commitment to customers, but that cares about what they do. Our professional pool table movers, pool table installation, and pool table repair service are unmatched.

Our business strives for nothing short of excellency for our Long Island, NY clients, and our services speak for themselves. Call us today to learn more about our moving, installation, and repair services listed on this page.

Pool Table Moving

Because they are usually constructed from three layers of stone, pool tables are incredibly heavy. Also, pool tables consist of some sensitive parts that must be perfectly level and aligned in order to work properly, and it’s not worth risking damage to the table by moving it yourself. Our professional services can help.

We offer the best pool table moving service in Long Island, New York guaranteed. We have the skill and experience to ensure your table needs to go without any damage. Once there, we will assemble and set up your billiard table and it’ll be ready for a game. All of our work is guaranteed and will exceed your expectations.

Assembled pool tables are heavy, and unassembled tables are tricky to put together. Assembled pool tables don’t always fit through a door, so they may need to be taken apart – and that means you need people with the expertise to put each piece back in place.


In order to move your pool table, you have to take it apart first. Trying to move a pool table without taking it apart first is dangerous and will most likely lead to a warped or broken pool table, or an injury. The various parts of the pool table, such as the pockets, the felt, and the slate, all have to be safely taken apart and transported to their new location to protect the quality of the table. If you are unsure how to disassemble parts of your pool table, do not risk damaging it! Call a professional for help instead. Our qualified experts here at Platinum Billiards USA know how to take your pool table apart correctly to ensure that it is moved safely and efficiently to its new location.


Most pool tables are incredibly heavy. It might take four strong adults to lift just one side of an intact pool table. Lifting it can be dangerous for even the strongest of people. Additionally, lifting a heavy pool table the wrong way can strain it, causing the the wood to warp, bend, or break. Even once it has been broken down into its various components, your pool table will be heavy to transport. The slate alone can weight hundreds of pounds, making it a challenge to move from one spot to another. Our relocation professionals at Platinum Billiards are well-qualified to safely lift and maneuver pool tables, so save your back and your pool table and give them a call!


Putting your pool table back together in its new location can prove to be a challenge. Not only do you have to keep track of all the various pieces of the table, but you also have to know how they come together to make the finished product. Additionally, pool tables need to be assembled upside down in order to connect the legs, so it will need to be safely lifted up and turned over and set back down carefully once the assembly is complete. This is no easy feat for someone with limited knowledge of pool table assembly.


Billiards enthusiasts know that a level pool table is essential to a fair and fun game. An uneven pool table will make it very difficult to get a good shot. Even a tiny incline or decline on your pool table can lead to balls unexpectedly changing speed or direction, affecting the outcome of the game. If you have moved your pool table to a new location, then you will want to have your pool table leveled so that you and your competitors are assured a fair, smooth game of billiards every time. However, leveling a pool table can be tricky business and is best left to a professional. Luckily, this Long Island Area company’s repair experts will be happy to professionally level your pool table when they have assembled it in it’s new location. From expert disassembly to safely moving to professional reassembly and leveling, there are many complex steps to correctly moving your pool table. Don’t risk damaging your expensive pool table or injuring yourself or others. Hire our professional pool table relocation experts for safety and peace of mind.


Pool Table Felt

It is not impossible to refelt a pool table, but it IS difficult. For many, going down the DIY path is not an option, simply because of the difficulty involved. Pool tables are very delicate and expensive pieces of furniture, so you definitely don’t want to risk destroying them.

Pool table refelting service is a very delicate operation. To do it properly you have to disassemble the pool table which involves a high risk of damage and/or injuries. We strongly recommend that you call our professionally-trained technician to perform a pool table assembly service. We have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and know-how to get the job done correctly and safely.

The cost of refelting a pool table varies as it depends on the type of felt you use and the level of play you require: from a professional level or casual play. While the cheapest option would be to do it yourself, making even a single mistake would mean a big waste of money. While you pay double the amount when your pool table gets its refelting by an expert, you know that the table would be perfect and not a penny, or a second of your time, would go to waste.

When we’re all finished, you’re good to play a game of pool with your new felt. You can choose from a list of colors for some lines of cloth that our pool table installers supply to our customers.

Pool Table Repair

If you are a pool table owner, you’ll need pool table repair or some kind of pool table service eventually. You can’t escape it. While quality and experience are a must, we gurantee functionality, peace of mind, and optimal aesthetics. We offer cleanings, cloth and felt repair. While you can consider a DIY approach, knowledge of the materials you’re working with here is key. It is not as simple as one may think to do something as simple as cleaning a spill. For instance, using a typical cleaning detergent can damage the fibers and can end up costing you more than just having a professional take care of it!

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