Pool Table Repair Long Island

A pool table is an investment, and to keep yours looking its best, follow these guidelines and reach out to the most experienced pool table movers and technicians in the Long Island and NYC area.


Pool Table Care and Maintenance

Properly caring for your pool table’s cloth and felt will keep it looking great for years to come. One way to keep your cloth and felt looking like new to is keep chalk, cue tips, glasses, pets, or anything that could cause a scratch away from felted areas.

Heat, sun, and moisture can also damage pool tables and fade felt, so protect your pool table from the elements!

Pool Table Cleaning

Cleaning is an important aspect of pool table maintenance. However, you should use a specially designed brush with fibers that won’t ruin the cloth. Never brush a billiard or pool back and forth; brush in a single direction to remove dust and lint.


Unfortunately, spills aren’t easy to clean from pool tables, and harsh cleaners can easily damage the fibers. Blot up as much of the moisture as you can. Depending on the spill, you might need to find professional pool table services to clean or repair felt. If this happens to you, call us. We service, move, and repair pool tables, billiards tables, and all other gaming tables and accessories here on Long Island, New York, and across the five boroughs.

The best way to protect your pool table is to keep pets, children, food and drinks elsewhere in the game room. For that purpose, we have one of the best selections of game room furniture in the Long Island area.

Cleaning Pool Table Wood

Using Pledge or similar cleaning products isn’t recommended for pool tables. Our professional billiard technicians suggest using a damp cloth to remove dust and fingerprints.


Pool Table Cloth and Felt Repair

Replacing Rubber Rails and Rail Cushions

If cushions and rail are not properly attached or in the right place, the balls won’t bounce off the rails properly. To fix this important part of the pool table, professionals must remove the rail, fibers, and cushion and replace the rail before reupholstering. It’s one of the most delicate pool table repairs, but no one on Long Island has more experience. We offer exceptional quality at a fair price for all of our New York customers.


Replacing Carpet in the Game Room

It might not seem obvious, but pool table moving is an important part of pool table maintenance. Sliding the pool table yourself can break the shims and cause unevenness, break a leg, or break a slate joint. Our professional pool table movers have the equipment and expertise to move your table safely and save you the cost of table repair later. We are some of the most experienced pool table movers in Long Island, New York. Your pool table couldn’t be in better hands!

Replacing Pool Table Fibers

Refelting is a pool table service that most owners will need eventually. Our business offers a wide selection of quality fibers, our pool table professionals are the best in the industry, and our prices are competitive. But most importantly, we have years of experience in pool table repair, and our work speaks for itself.



Pool Table Services in Long Island

If you are a pool table owner in Long Island, you’ll need pool table repair or some kind of pool table service eventually. Our service is second to none when it comes to quality and experience, and we are committed to doing our best work for our friends and neighbors here in Long Island. We can repair or replace any part of your pool table: bumpers, slate, pockets, rails, fibers, and more.

We offer not just pool table moving and pool table repair, but storage facilities as well.

We service Long Island, New York with experience and customer service that is second to none. As pool table movers, for pool table repair and sales, and for all your billiard and gaming needs we are at the top of the industry for a reason, and that’s our commitment to our customers here in Long Island, NY.